Arts & Culture

Art Foothold in Flux: MCAD Manila
Trần Nữ Yên Khê on Borderline, First Contemporary Southeast Asia Art Piece at Guimet Museum
Kiki Febriyanti on Film and Representation
Danech San on Her Love Affair with Film
Brunei's Aznniel Yunus on Nostrils Production and the Film Industry
Figure of Unknown Beauty: Art Brut and the chance of outsiders
The TENG Company on Dialect Music and Remembering Heritage
Artdialogo: Colour as A New Language
Theatremaker Jun Vinh Teoh on staying hot enough to make the jump
Seabound: Open Waters and Conversations
Arin Rungjang: They Beat Your Father
Earth Manual Project: Learning Disaster through Arts
Isaac Kerlow: Making Art in the Name of Science
Iyvone Khoo harnesses plankton and light for molecular art
ARTJOG MMXIX: Ruang | Bersama
ARTJOG MMXIX: Arts in Common
Conversation Between Two Cities: Neonomora & KIAT
12 Years of ARTJOG: Humble Beginnings to Brighter Futures
Conversation Between Two Cities: Ayu Larasati & Tok Yu Xiang
George Town Festival 2019: Closing with The Extravaganza
George Town Festival 2019: Shedding Light on Collective Histories
George Town Festival 2019: Vulnerability Through Armour and Skin 2019
George Town Festival 2019: Taking Flight with BIRD
PROJECT PLAIT: In conversation with Naomi Tan and Nixon Low
Conversation Between two Cities: Chris Bunjamin & Juliana Tan
ADVANCED DINING: Telok Ayer Arts Club x The Picnic - in conversation with.
Lim Jialiang on the romance of hawker culture and the invincibility of chicken rice
Music For A Cause: Singapore's Altruistic Music Festival
Supachai Areerungruang: Sound of Silence in Thailand
Senior Curator Seng Yu Jin for Awakenings
What is the Relationship Between AI and Art?
Ricky Francisco
 on the Earnestness of Objects
OF METHODIST: “The fantasy falls apart when you know me as a person”.
Queer Zinefest: A 3-Dimensional Experience
SWING MAG on Being Queer in the Digital Age
Spacebar on Differences Between Zines and Books
Pandy Aviado on Curating PRINT(Ed)
Filmmaker Harry Chew on The Taboo
Aquila Young: Human > Artificial Intelligence
Gudskul: Building a Collaborative Learning Culture
Nur Khalisah: Making Order from Chaos in Art
Relooking at the Peranakan Museum
Zwel Mun Wint Brings in New Sounds to Myanmar
Islandeer Speaks of Love
Antonius Kho: Connecting Countries Through Arts
Phyo Wai Koko: Sustaining Dance Through Exposure
The Idea that Birthed Artsolute
Adelene Stanley: Dancing to create shapes and convey emotions
Nguyen Dinh Vu: The Multifaceted Nature of People
Natisa Jones: Encouraging Honesty, Vulnerability, and Empathy through Arts
Ketemu Project: Empowering Through Art
Khvay Samnang Tackles Environmental Issues Through Art And Humour
Abdul Zainidi Blends Brunei Elements and Surrealism
MEANTIME: Everyone Can Be The Artist Of Their Own Life
Sheena Baharudin: Three Languages, One Poet
Kangblabla: Experiment With What You Have
Rojak Romance: Start Meaningful Conversations about our Similarities and Differences
Dana Lam is Working from a Place of Honesty
Fletch: Delivering Meaning Through Music and Connotation
Amira Hanafi: Painting with Bacteria
Albert Samreth: Cambodia and the Number Zero
Escapeva: Balancing Artistic Integrity with Commercial Clients
ZERO: Driven to Make Art, Not Inspired
Dawn Ng: "Jack of All Trades" Is a Mastery
Melinda Lauw: To Make Art Your Body Responds To
Lenne Chai: Working on the Intersection of Simple and Smart
Sarah Choo Jing: Intentions are Conveyed Through Suitable Mediums
Spot Pocket Opera Theatre: Opera is Relevant and Accessible
Eugene Soh: Technology is Art
Audrey Yeo: Understanding Art enhances experience of Life
Nine Years Theatre Ensemble: To Work With a Common Language
Perspectives Film Festival: Challenging what 'Institution' Means
Handsome Girl: Songwriting is a Communal Activity
Nadhir Nor: Residencies are Places of Artistic Eurekas
Kamin Lertchaiprasert: We Come from Nothing and We Go to Nothing
Straits Clan: An Idea made Tangible
Tacit Aria: Ten Years Worth of Words
Tse Yee Ling: Opera Performers live on Honorariums
Songwriting as a new band: Ketyaluna
ScRach MarcS: The Pioneer Robotic Couple
Rirkrit Tiravanija: His Art Practice and untitled 2018
Test The Divide: Writing for the Instruments
Song-Ming Ang: Singaporean Representative for 58th Venice Biennale
Renée Ting: Print Will Always Have a Place in this World
A conversation with Singapore: Inside Out Tokyo’s Creative Director, Clara Yee
An in-depth interview with Brian Curtin on Bangkok’s contemporary arts scene
Sopheap Pich: Poet in a Cave, Not a Politician
YOK & Sheryo: No Fun Painting Alone
SAtheCollective: Collaboration, Improvisation, Studio Jam
Math Paper Press & Ethos Books: Behind Book Publishing
.gif: Songwriting Through Dropbox