Arts & Culture

Aquila Young: Human > Artificial Intelligence
Gudskul: Building a Collaborative Learning Culture
Nur Khalisah: Making Order from Chaos in Art
Relooking at the Peranakan Museum
Zwel Mun Wint Brings in New Sounds to Myanmar
Islandeer Speaks of Love
Antonius Kho: Connecting Countries Through Arts
Phyo Wai Koko: Sustaining Dance Through Exposure
The Idea that Birthed Artsolute
Adelene Stanley: Dancing to create shapes and convey emotions
Nguyen Dinh Vu: The Multifaceted Nature of People
Natisa Jones: Encouraging Honesty, Vulnerability, and Empathy through Arts
Ketemu Project: Empowering Through Art
Khvay Samnang Tackles Environmental Issues Through Art And Humour
Abdul Zainidi Blends Brunei Elements and Surrealism
MEANTIME: Everyone Can Be The Artist Of Their Own Life
Sheena Baharudin: Three Languages, One Poet
Kangblabla: Experiment With What You Have
Rojak Romance: Start Meaningful Conversations about our Similarities and Differences
Dana Lam is Working from a Place of Honesty
Fletch: Delivering Meaning Through Music and Connotation
Amira Hanafi: Painting with Bacteria
Albert Samreth: Cambodia and the Number Zero
Escapeva: Balancing Artistic Integrity with Commercial Clients
ZERO: Driven to Make Art, Not Inspired
Dawn Ng: "Jack of All Trades" Is a Mastery
Melinda Lauw: To Make Art Your Body Responds To
Lenne Chai: Working on the Intersection of Simple and Smart
Sarah Choo Jing: Intentions are Conveyed Through Suitable Mediums
Spot Pocket Opera Theatre: Opera is Relevant and Accessible
Eugene Soh: Technology is Art
Audrey Yeo: Understanding Art enhances experience of Life
Nine Years Theatre Ensemble: To Work With a Common Language
Perspectives Film Festival: Challenging what 'Institution' Means
Handsome Girl: Songwriting is a Communal Activity
Nadhir Nor: Residencies are Places of Artistic Eurekas
Kamin Lertchaiprasert: We Come from Nothing and We Go to Nothing
Straits Clan: An Idea made Tangible
Tacit Aria: Ten Years Worth of Words
Tse Yee Ling: Opera Performers live on Honorariums
Songwriting as a new band: Ketyaluna
ScRach MarcS: The Pioneer Robotic Couple
Rirkrit Tiravanija: His Art Practice and untitled 2018
Test The Divide: Writing for the Instruments
Song-Ming Ang: Singaporean Representative for 58th Venice Biennale
Renée Ting: Print Will Always Have a Place in this World
A conversation with Singapore: Inside Out Tokyo’s Creative Director, Clara Yee
An in-depth interview with Brian Curtin on Bangkok’s contemporary arts scene
Sopheap Pich: Poet in a Cave, Not a Politician
YOK & Sheryo: No Fun Painting Alone
SAtheCollective: Collaboration, Improvisation, Studio Jam
Math Paper Press & Ethos Books: Behind Book Publishing
.gif: Songwriting Through Dropbox